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Erwin Schrödinger demonstrated the vibrational capacity of every atom … I have spent my life in the creation and study of music, a coherent expression of sonic vibration and beauty” – Erika Luckett

Home of Slutar Studios. This is where Slutar does his music thing.

Playing, writing and recording music is a kind of therapy for me. I’ve been playing guitar since the Fall of 1980. I do it out of a shear love for creating & playing. I push gently on myself to improve along the journey.

My Music

 Leaves – 2015

Strings CD Cover Pic-mini Strings & Things – 2013
Jazz, Blues, Rock, World and Classical

Eclectitar CD Cover-mini Eclectitar – 2011
Acoustic, Jazz, Blues and Rock.

Songs From School CD Cover-mini Songs From School – 2010
Re-envisioned music from 1981 to 1983.

Jam Sessions

Saturday afternoon jam sessions, songs under construction, guitar solos & who knows what all can be found here.

Technical Stuff

Recording Engineering 101 – Information on my setup & some tips for home recording. Plus download a Garageband project for one of my songs!

Primary Guitar Influencers

  • Alex Lifeson
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Joe Satriani
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • David Wilcox
  • Michael Schenker
  • Robin Trower
  • Carlos Santana
  • Ritchie Blackmore
  • Johnny Winter
  • Peter Parcek

In mostly favorite order (this isn’t a “best” list). If you don’t agree with my list that’s fine – please don’t “flame” me, go make your own list. I’m sure I’m missing a few I can’t think of right now.


Guitar Shop

If you live in the US, without a doubt the best place and the nicest & most knowledgable folks to buy guitars from is Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, CO. I have purchased all of my guitars there. They totally rock – way better than the big box stores, hands down. What an unbelievable coincidence that they are 10 minutes from my home – I am most fortunate.


 On-line Resources

I have found these useful over the last several years as I push my playing to more advanced levels. – Justin Sandercoe – Marty Schwartz – Claude Johnson

Care and Info on Acoustic Guitars @ Taylor Guitars

Guitar Practice & Learning

For years I had wondered how the guitar legends could fly up & down the neck, seemingly with such ease. A few years ago my instructor (Bob Story) showed me how the pentatonic scale works. There are 5 “patterns” that fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. This info was invaluable. Suddenly the light bulb went off & I understood. I share a couple PDF files below to help you on your journey. Learn these 5 patterns. Commit them to memory – it will be the best memorization exercise you’ll ever do.

Pentatonic Neck Simple – Use this one to memorize the 5 patterns.
Pentatonic Neck – Use this one to see how the major and minor pentatonic patterns can be used together when composing solos.

Useful Accessories

Cool Picks Cat Tongue Guitar Picks, love these things.

The perfect temperature and humidity to store an acoustic guitar is 70 F @ 50% relative humidity. I use these Oasis Guitar Humidifiers – it’s really dry here.



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  1. Interesting mini-documentary (made by Harman) on the effects of lossy data compression in our modern streaming-music world and how much of the original artist’s material is simply stripped away before you have a chance to hear it. 22 minutes running time.

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