Privacy Statement

Last updated: 05-19-2015

My site is built with statistics gathering tools (called data analytics in the biz). I do this only so that I can monitor file download counts for cover song licensing purposes. Cookies are handed out to your browser so the statistics gathering tools can discriminate between first time visitors and returning visitors.

I do not intentionally collect your name or other personally identifying information. I do get to see data like the page hit counts, date, time & length of visits, geography (country, state, city etc.), your ISP, what web browsers and operating systems are used (PC’s, tablets, and phones), what your screen resolution is. I do collect one piece of potentially personally identifying information, your IP address.

The bottom line is: I will never sell, distribute or otherwise share this information with anyone, ever, unless required by law. My site will always be Ad free.

Thank you for visiting – Dave