Jam Sessions

This page showcases various partial songs, jams, solos & what-not.

Guitar Solo Videos

  • Another favorite of mine, and dang, is it ever a tough one. At 176 BPM, Martin Barre just tore this one up. Here is my best rendition to date at 160 BPM of Jethro Tull, “Aqualung”. Aqualung Solo (will open in a new window) : May 4, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Jam Sessions

Dave Sluiter : Aqualung (full song), Cliff Armitage on vocals (thank you Cliff)

Dave Sluiter : Comfortably Numb (full song), Cliff Armitage on vocals (thank you Cliff, and thanks to Joe Bath for the arpeggios).

Dave Sluiter : Slow Brush Blues

Jimi Hendrix : Little Wing

Walter Trout : Recovery


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