I’ve been a computer chip designer for the entirety of my professional career.

  • 5 years at Sperry/Univac working on cache and arithmetic chips.
  • 6 years at Artist Graphics, some PC board design, a couple of graphics chips.
  • 8 years at LSI Logic, customer support, MIPS CPU design and satellite set-top box chips.
  • 9 years at Seagate, some hard drive, but mostly Enterprise SSD chips.
  • 1 year at SEAKR Engineering, working on chips for Space.
  • Currently semi-retired. Looking for short-term contract and consulting opportunities.

Find me on LinkedIn here.

I’ve always enjoyed creating things. This media is one of my outlets. I also enjoy hiking, biking, camping and skiing. I like watching pro baseball and pro (American) football. Cooking is a good time, especially Italian or grilling.

On the music front, I’ve played guitar since about 1980. It wasn’t until 2010 when my kids had finally moved out of the house, that I set forth on a journey to improve my playing and write some of the music I had been hearing in my head for a couple decades. See the Songs from School page for more background info. I also enjoy singing in my church’s choir.