CD – Eclectitar (2011)

Eclectitar CD Cover

June 2011 – Acoustic, Jazz, Blues and Rock

Includes the singles “Jamie’s Song” and “ASIC Designer Blues”. All of these songs may be freely distributed for personal use. Commercial use, covers or public performances are strictly prohibited. All songs are Copyright © ℗ 2011 Dave Sluiter. All rights reserved.

If you are just here for the CD Liner Notes, please download them here: Eclectitar Liner Notes.pdf

Understand that I have paid a royalty license for the 2 cover songs on this CD. I ask that you don’t frivolously download the zip files below. The Liner Notes and CD Artwork are included with the music .zip files below. Again, if you are just here for the CD Liner Notes, please download it from the link above, thank you.

For my iDevice friends (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes), download the m4a zip file here.

For my non-iDevice friends, download the mp3 zip file here.

Lyrics are included for songs I wrote (embedded and displayable in iTunes). Copyright laws prohibit me from distributing lyrics for the songs I licensed unless I “pay more”, sorry man.

Track List

  1. Ann’s Song
  2. Show The Way
  3. Offertory in Em
  4. Meditation
  5. Jamie’s Song
  6. Sock Monkey
  7. Life Of Your Night
  8. ASIC Designer Blues
  9. Johnny B. Goode
  10. Crawler
  11. Wayne & Dave Jam
  12. BPG
  13. Rock On Peace Out
  14. Never Give Up


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