CD – Leaves (2015)

Leaves CD Cover Artwork-1 800x800

June 2015 – Rock, Blues, Reggae, World

This is my first “real release”. After what’s probably amounted to hundreds of hours of work, listening & refinement, it’s now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and elsewhere – yay.

Listen to the CD for free here on SoundCloud.

CD Liner notes are here.

A Little bit of everything, as usual.

Commercial use, covers or public performances are strictly prohibited. All songs/videos/artwork are Copyright © ℗ 2013-2015 Dave Sluiter. All rights reserved.

 Track List

  1. Classic Rock, featuring Murray Schatz and Kevin Lufkin
  2. Edgar W
  3. Dying in Jamaica
  4. Wade in the Water, featuring Megan Armstrong and Jessica Ford
  5. The Pressure of Life
  6. Would You Have Me, featuring Kevin Lufkin
  7. Leaves
  8. Leaves (Anton Burkov Mix)
  9. Meditation IV
  10. Wall Street Banker Blues
  11. Zebra, featuring Nate Tharp (Nate was 9 years old when he put down these drum takes!)
  12. Walk About
  13. Metalized
  14. She’s Mad at Me
  15. Leaves II, featuring Jessica Lynch

Here is a behind the scenes peak of “Edgar W” under construction.


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